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For those that taught us how to ride a bicycle, how to play chess, drive a car, or gave us countless life lessons that we use to make decisions every day, big and small. For those that stand by our side through thick and thin, and changed the course of our lives. How do we give back?

We all have older loved ones, and we know we need to engage in their lives. We made Care|Mind with this perspective, because we love those that brought us through this world.

Now it's our time to make sure they're safe, that they're staying healthy, and that we stay connected with them in the midst of our busy lives. We are all caregivers. We are Reassure Analytics, and we developed Care|Mind for all the like-minded people that love those who shepherded us through life.

It's time to give back.


What Care|Mind does for you and your loved ones


Get real-time status on your loved ones, anytime and anywhere you are. Know their heart rate, time they woke up, last time they moved, the number of steps they've been taking, and more.

Heart Rate

Medications, activity and medical conditions can all affect how your loved one's heart performs. Know when their heart rate is too low or too high.


Know when your loved ones take their afternoon walk or hit their daily step goal to keep them motivated. Activity in older adults is critical to their health, and can be especially important post surgery for rehabilitation.


Get alerts on your loved one's activity, heart rate, and sleep. Know if they haven't moved around for a long period of time, if they're sleeping in too late, or just that everything is ok.


Insufficient sleep puts your loved ones at risk for falling during the day, and abnormal sleep patterns could be a sign of depression. Know when they aren't getting enough sleep, or have too many sleep disturbances.

Health Profile

Bringing your mom to the doctor and forgot what medications she's taking? Keep track of your loved one's health conditions and medications,
all in one place.

how it works

Seamlessly integrated


Get your loved ones a Fitbit Charge HR, pair it with their computer or smartphone, and put the Fitbit on their wrist. Once you have paired their Fitbit, it will automatically upload their Fitbit data at regular intervals. So the only thing your loved one needs to do is charge their Fitbit once every 5 days.

Care|Mind App

Download our Care|Mind app to your iPhone, get registered, and set up your account to track your loved ones. Their data will automatically start syncing to your Care|Mind app at regular intervals, so you'll know how they're doing. Anywhere, anytime.

Alerts through the Cloud

Clinically oriented alerts about your loved ones will automatically begin to send to you through the Care|Mind app. After identifying trends and patterns about your loved one's activity and sleep, talk to them about it, and set up additional custom alerts in Care|Mind. Know whenever things do, or don't happen.

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Beautifully designed. Clinically oriented.

frequently asked questions

Getting Started
For our initial launch, we're making Care|Mind free! We'd love as many people and their loved ones to benefit from Care|Mind, and hope to get as much feedback as possible to hear what features people love to use, and additional features people want us to build in.
You will be monitoring your loved one, so they will need a Fitbit and a computer or smartphone to pair their Fitbit. You will need an Apple iOS smartphone, and the Care|Mind app downloaded on it. That's everything!
Actually, all of the Fitbits will work! However we recommend the Fitbit Charge HR, or the Fitbit Surge, to maximize the functionality of the Care|Mind app, as you'll be able to know when your loved one's heart rate is abnormal. The other Fitbits will also work, however you will not have data associated with heart rate in the Care|Mind dashboard, or be able to have any alerts associated with heart rate.

When you pair their Fitbit with a smartphone or computer, it creates a wireless connection between the two devices. This wireless connection allows the Fitbit to automatically transfer the data from their Fitbit over an internet connection through their smartphone or computer. This is how you see all of their data on the Care|Mind app. The wireless connection between their Fitbit and computer or smartphone has a range of ~20ft, so anytime your loved one is near their smartphone or computer their data will automatically transfer.

As for choosing a smartphone or computer to pair their Fitbit, you can use either of these options. This includes an Apple smartphone, an Android smartphone, or a computer with the PC dongle. The PC dongle comes with the Fitbit and is a little device that attaches to the USB port of your loved one's computer. Depending on what they use to pair their Fitbit, it may impact how often their Fitbit syncs (see next question).

Your loved one can use any of the options described previously to sync their Fitbit, however, whatever they pair with their Fitbit will determine how often your loved one's Fitbit will sync, and subsequently how often their data will refresh in your Care|Mind app.

If they have an Apple smartphone, it will periodically sync when the Fitbit and iPhone are near each other, but may require your loved one to occasionally open the Fitbit app. If they are using an Android smartphone, the Fitbit and their Android smartphone will automatically sync every 15 mins throughout the day as long as the devices are near each other. If they are using the PC dongle, the Fitbit will also automatically sync with the computer every 15 mins throughout the day as long as the devices are near each other. In both the case of using an Android smartphone or the PC dongle, your loved one will not need to do anything for the Fitbit to sync as it's automatic.

For known limitations and further questions about syncing, please visit the Fitbit website.


We had to start somewhere! We'd love to build this on Android as well. If you're interested, pledge to support us when a Kickstarter campaign goes live by submitting your email below.

We feel the same way! There's a number of studies that we're actively discussing with researchers, and would love to hear from you. Please send us an email at and we'll get back to you right away!

We'd love to hear from you, just send us an email at and we'll get back to you right away!

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